The Christ Child

December 20th, 2016


To Believe.

Faith may move mountains – and heal the sickest of the ailing; while “to doubt ” is more of a troublesome affair.

A true sceptic, a brooder, may constantly ponder and often come to satisfying answers but only rarely do mountains move.

So what is “faith”, really?

Personally I trust faith to be nothing but Grace; Grace to know confidence in God Immanent, all life, and to know love and intention.

Christ Mass… I trust in Jesus Christ as a living, light-giving power with invincible genius to generate hope and growth for situations and individuals where tenderness and care otherwise seem none existing; where suffering and despair are ruling.

Jesus we need you now. Help us to find the Jesus-child in our hearts…

We pray…

Amen… Om…



December 24th, 2015


Some think of Jesus as a god, while others believe him to be an avatar or a great master. Then again many regard him as an extremely courageous and interesting man imparting lifesaving ethical advice to the many. Man – and God, The Saviour.

He is a World Teacher; few contradict the legitimacy of that. And his sword is love raised above frontiers, cultures and religions where dogmas and personalities still try to cover for God’s only born son/daughter, the Light.

The Light has many names. But the Light is never the name of one personality only. It is a consciousness. Jesus Christ is an example and manifestation of that Light, and is the Higher Self of the Earth, the Beloved. His responsibility was and is to show the greatness of simplicity and the healing powers of love. Let us not alienate Jesus as exclusive when we need to understand the depths and importance of his message: that it is only as a child we may find heaven within.

But Jesus also knew where to draw the line. In the new wine there is no room for dishonesty, pride and greed. In the new wine he is no longer only he, for he is also she.

Mystical Christianity, or Buddhism, or what one chooses to call the Light, has always existed. The Great Creator, a living, creative intelligence that includes all in endless possibilities, is evolution. But the clock of the Earth and the timelessness of eternity is a mystery that we all have to contemplate. The Light can advise; show the way, but cannot choose for anyone.


When I am filled with dreaded forebodings, drowning in the passing cloud

Christmas; Christ, the Son/Daughter is waiting.


July 21st, 2015


A little tarn in Nordmarka (north of Oslo)lies clear and calm before me.

White lilies, mixed with long stemmed, yellow flowers complete the beauty of the water while the Sun shares light encouraging the summer’s bloom of abundance.

But the sky behind me is darkened, exploding fury in sharp and sudden bursts of thunder.

The Sun makes nothing of it, just goes on sharing its rays with falling raindrops dancing on the tarn’s still surface – creating small circles mixing with other circles.

The water top is changed to a star-studded heaven! And it just goes on and on…

When did I ever see anything like it? No memory comes at hand; have my eyes been too tightly closed?

The threatening sound of thunder gets closer.  Filled with wonder I go home.


June 9th, 2015

Cats – loyalty and pride  by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

May I tell you a story about a cat’s amazing journey?

A black and white cat needed a home and knocked at my door.

I gave him the name Svarte-Per even though he proved to be of the feminine kind.

Where she came from nobody knew.

I lived close to San Francisco and life was good to cat and Mom.

It’s a myth that cats belong to houses, not to people.

After a few years I moved to Los Angeles where I I worked as an actress, mostly making commercials.

I felt miserable leaving Svarte-Per behind but as I was later going back to Norway where there then was a quarantine of 6 months I was certain she would be better off staying with friends in the same cottage as before.

But when I came to visit staying nearby with people who had two vicious dogs, she refused moving away from me.

What to do? I had put an ad in the movie magazine Variety saying I was available as a house-sitter and received a response from Henry Fonda. The job was mostly caring for his cat and to live in a beautiful house while he and his wife were away

So what about Svarte-Per? I pleaded my case as best I knew; could I please bring another cat into the house?

Henry Fonda,  a sweet and kind man, agreed that if  I made certain that the two cats stayed in separate rooms it could be arranged.  Svarte-Per arrived and my time was shared between the two cats. Peace was restored.

As it turned out, making national TV commercials was a lucrative business and made me able to rent a beach-pad in Malibu which was fine with Svarte-Per; he quite liked sand. Life was good  – until Mom one day was cheeky enough to save a lost dog bringing him inside! Svarte-Per was put in the bathroom for half a day!

The dog had been stolen and the owners who lived quite far away were overjoyed to have their dog returned. But… Svarte-Per’s pride was badly damage.

She left and didn’t return!

Luckily a friend who lived much further up the beach saw Svarte -Per and carried her home. Svarte-Per proceeded climbing a high bookshelf and settled on the very top shelf. Only when hunger or thirst overcame her did she come down – just to hurry straight up again. No communication.

After three weeks spent on the bookshelf I had to take the chance of opening the doors again.

She aimed for the door and disappeared. Yet I somehow got the impression that she didn’t quite remember why she was so terribly mad.

The battle was won. She came back!

Another problem came about as I was about going home to Norway.  No way would I put Svarte-Per in six months quarantine!

I had her examined and given the necessary vaccinations – and made a rather doubtful plan.

I had been given a small part in the movie “Dollars” ( with Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty) and it was to be shot in in Hamburg. But first I had to meet the director for his approval, hence the doubtful plan.

In Germany there were no laws against animals entering the country when all the necessary papers were filled out…

Svarte-Per and I were going to Hamburg! From there on she would have to be smuggled on to Norway. Sleeping pills to keep her quiet (which never worked) were bought.

 Goldie Hawn was sweet and Warren Beatty was, as expected, very charming.

The real challenge came about smuggling her through the transit hall in Denmark to get her onboard the plane to Norway without being discovered.  Sleeping pills were given yet she never stopped protesting the indignity of it all.

My clever plan included choosing a flight which stopped on several smaller airports as I thought she could easier pass through the pass-control that way.

In Kristiansand all passengers had to leave the plane to let a customer inspector look through the plane.

The sleeping pills never worked – until then. Miracle upon miracle… Finally she collapsed and slept, well hidden in the bag that I had to leave in the plane with the inspector when leaving the plane.

Some petrified thirty minutes followed; until I saw the inspector leaving the plane. He was smiling.

In Bergen the plane was changed for another plane going to Oslo. Safe sailing, we were safe… I thought.

I had made holes in the bag for breathing purposes – and all of a sudden she was standing in the middle of the aisle; she had bitten her way out!

But we had entered Norway and she was just put into another bag. We were home.

 In Norway Mom did another cruel thing; she had a baby daughter.

Svarte-Per refused to look at the new family member, the baby was ignored to the degree that Svarte-Per left the room where ever she was present.

Again it took three weeks for Svarte-Per to realize the folly of her sentiments. One day as my daughter was laying on a carpet on the floor she resolutely went up to her and licked her!

Svarte-Per was now a Mom too, feeling the burden of responsibility. She followed her baby when baby was playing with other children; waited for baby where ever she was to bring her safely home. She was a good Mom.

Divorce is never easy. Svarte-Per was left in Norway with ex-hubby when my daughter and I moved to London.

She died shortly after. But when a clairvoyant friend of mine was visiting she said: Who is the black and white cat that just came in from the balcony?

Svarte-Per will never leave me nor I she. I’m writing this with tears running. I love her.


May 20th, 2015

What and who is Anti-Christ?   By Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

Carelessness and passivity is Anti-Christ. Evil is Anti-Christ.

To cancel the law of karma, submitting to the many saying: “It is all right to misuse animals and people; all just continue, nothing dies – everything is fine” is the work of Anti-Christ playing his hidden agenda to win the game. Look to Lemuria and Atlantis…

In the name of Jesus Christ; with the entire mind and full hearts, let’s work for God Immanent resting in all life; knowing compassion and courage!

We are not all the same, very far from it. Connected in love make us sisters and brothers in the union of love but we are as different as the stars above – made special with expanding possibilities to receive and offer endless gifts of diversities. That is our gift and responsibility.


May 8th, 2015

The Feminine Christ    by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

We catch a glimpse of the feminine Buddha, Red Tara – also called Maria Magdalena, a manifestation of the Earth Mother. She/he gives you a white rose to place in the heart. Feel and sense its intention and care.

The brow and heart are as one.

For the Earth to be able to continue its evolution, the feminine Christ will have to be liberated in all hearts and take her place next to her husband.

It is not easily said, and we don’t like to hear about it, but there are strong powers working to oppose the Light. Christ’s feminine self has been marred and attacked for several thousand years in attempts to crush her. Very cynically they have called her a whore, for they are well aware that when He and She are joined as one, with a consciousness shared with all, the New Earth is born – and the left hand path will have lost.


May 3rd, 2015

THE DUAL SOUL   by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

We are all connected but alike we are not. Each one of us arrives with his/hers gifts and possibilities – and karma. Don’t reject karma, our barometer for Cause and Effect, The Great Teacher.

All life is linked in the energy Love but as all the snow-crystals prove no one is quite alike.

Yet… the one we have been waiting for, the dual-soul, is real. The snow-crystal matching yours does exist and is introduced when Karma has made us ready.

Finally we are made whole!

The New Earth is seen when Earth finds its wholeness in the great Christ consciousness and is raised to Love where all life is included and cared for.

The mighty Wesak Festival is taking place in these days. Believe…


April 28th, 2015

Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

The Jesus Christ’s love-energy is stretching above us, enfolding a suffering Earth with depths of healing and compassion.

Some may not care about Jesus yet he is the pink tinted edge of the rainbow of hope.

Regardless the piles of carelessness and brutality, the abuse of the weakest and the most vulnerable; the children, the animals, the women, the poor and the homeless he shall never let us go. But we are asked to choose – love. 

He is the bumper defending the sufferer, the wind cleansing minds from drowning in anger, the caretaker bringing children safely home.

Standing tall, raising walls against the threatening abyss.

A Saviour.


April 11th, 2015

by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

Why does it matter how we breathe?

Allow some time to truly know your body when relaxed and harmonious – and when in a stressful situation. The depth and flow of your breath can be like a soothing caress, or a cry for more attention and support. When the breath remains on the surface, shallow and sharp, God and a belief in goodness have been put on hold, parked somewhere outside with little strength to support you.

And it is from within that chain occurrences are born. One attracts what the inner state signals to others – and breath leads the way.

Could it be that just by thinking generous, kind thoughts about another, the same will be returned? Yes, I believe this is what happens most of the time. The universe exists firstly in ourselves, ruled by universal laws, ruled by cause and effect and is not a chance, chaotic happening. We are what we overcome, initiate and make possible – or the opposite, we can choose the path of lower instincts and follow the path of nowhere. To put it simply:  If unpleasant, unkind thoughts enter, stop the chain reaction right there! Realize that the person causing your troubled reaction is a potentially fine being. Ouch! That hurt. But look – God is smiling, and you’re breath is exactly where it should be – in a purring, joy filled position.

Of course, we can never see far enough to be able to judge anyone; we hardly ever see the whole picture. The underlying direction, cause and purpose, are very personal. And the same can be said about individual karma – and also how we deal with our joint Earth karma. The same what Jesus did, we may even occasionally choose to carry a burden (a karma) to solve it and so help others. Yet, with feet planted firmly on the ground, we know whether to say yes – or no. To surrender blindly is never a good solution.  


April 5th, 2015

JESUS, MAN AND GOD IMMANET. EASTER    by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River

Few of us like the idea of propitiatory sacrifice. Should God demand blood – the blood of humans or animals to be appeased? A strange, misapprehended conclusion!

What then about the sacrifice of Jesus? Let us instead look at a closer example. What if your child suffers greatly; wouldn’t you wish to suffer for it? Sacrifice yourself to ease the pain of your child? I believe you would – and we return to the question of suffering, cause and effect (karma) – and free will where no readymade answer is easily digested. Only the highest intention and intuition may show the way.

Jesus Christ, a living source of God Immanent, and – a human being, an example to follow. He so loved the Earth that he asked to be given an opportunity to liberate mankind, enabling them to climb the ladder of evolution to another step of being.

His crucifixion, his suffering on all his planes of being, was a deeply symbolic act to affect the kernel of evolution. Growth will always rise in an attempt to reach for what the highest evolved beings already are about.

Jesus is Grace and will always be Grace. But even Grace he had to let go for a short while to be able to fully enter mankind’s confusion and suffering: My Father, why have You left me?

But then; completion: It is finished.

A mystery, transforming the very History of Earth.


To know


Can only a yearning for



May Courage be our attendant