Time for Change


Time for Change

The wake up time in the name of God Immanent is now.

Rule One: God is in all life.  Animals were created to live the lives they were created for.

I have high hopes for mankind; we are inventive and amazingly prodigious; I trust we also have hearts.

But time is running short; it is high time to face the heedless arrogance towards the animals; our cohabitations on Earth.

Mankind’s WILLINGNESS to do what is right is far from clear. Yet it is the only way, karma is very real.


We are fully capable of making nutritious, tasty foods without using the meat of animals.


Fake furs are in; so stop the upsetting fur business!


Our sensitive animals, our brothers and sisters, are terrorized and used in legal research by the millions … How lame is that!? Who gave us the right?

Animal research can never give the full answer anyway. They are animals, we are humans. For research we must use willing human contributions.


For people believing they are higher beings than the rest of creation and have the right to use and misuse all other life-forms; it would be advised to be a higher Being:  One in love, All Life.

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