THE RAINBOW PLANET 1 – with pictures and some free pages


The Rainbow Planet 1-  is out of print but will be followed by: “THE PLANET’S MANY COLOURS”

Russia, China, The United States, Japan

A Publisher will be needed


THE RAINBOW PLANET 1, ISBN 978-82-997963-6- 1  

China, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, The United States










Pnblishers may contact:   Tove Stoeckel 

Jansbergveien 2, 0861 Oslo, Norway


A BOOK OF FACTS, children 8-12.

A grandmother involves her grandchildren with warmth and ease on a personal  adventure,with views on both faraway and nearby countries; challenges and possibilities..

This is the first book of seven. Materials have been gathered from many places and countries. Mentioned are: China, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, The United States, Norway, Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica, Uruguay, Peru, India, Africa, the Sahara Desert, Egypt, Iran.



The capital is Beijing.

So, hello sons and daughter of daughter! In China they may very well say just that.

In China there are masses of dialects. But the usual language is Mandarin.

When they write they use characters instead of letters as we do. But even if they speak differently, the characters are the same.

Some of the characters may look the same but by just adding a small line or two it means something completely different, sounding very different too. Just look at the characters underneath.


Mü (Mother)          Měi (Every)             Hăi (Sea)




China is Zhongguo in Mandarin. That means Middle Kingdom or: the Centre of the World.

And China is big! Enormous, actually! There are more people living in China than in any other country.

Almost as many as half of all the people on Earth live here!

Did you find China on the globe?

Gradually, I will tell you the faiths of the different countries that we visit. It says a lot about the people.

Many in the East believe in reincarnation. To reincarnate means to be reborn many times.

In China there is freedom of religion within what is called: normal religious activity. Yet they have been criticized as falling short of international standard.

Many have no religion at all but the Buddhist belief is widely spread.

Buddhists care for all life and many of them are vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t eat meat. That, of course, is better for the animals – but also for the land and the sea and the rain forests.

The Confucian Philosophy is also followed by many in China. But this is not a religion; it tells you more about respect and how to listen to people older than yourself.

The President of China is fond of quoting words from Confucius, who was an old, wise man, born 500 years before Jesus Christ.

Kindness, good friendship and a sense of belonging were the main messages of Confucius. He also said that order in the land only happened with orderly thoughts and words.

The famous, old fighting sport, Tai Chi, is popular all over the Earth. Often it can be seen on the streets or in a movie. Have you seen it? It is very popular in China.

That too is built over old philosophies (beliefs), mostly Confucianism.

Here you can see a Tai Chi position called: The Gentle Whip.

Tai Chi

Philosophy means (and this I have read in the dictionary): Love for wisdom, the purpose and way of living.

You are thinking and pondering about a great many things, I know! Well, then you are philosophizing

To learn some more about the soul of the Chinese people (the way they are thinking and feeling) we have to learn about their five basic elements which we can also call building blocks or energies: wood, metal, earth, fire and water.

The Chinese build their understanding about the whole world on these five elements,





     Japan is made of more than a thousand islands!

    The main four islands are called: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.

    The capital is: Tokyo

     Are you looking at the globe?

map Japan



The biggest fish market in the world is found in Tokyo. There you can find more than 400 different kinds of fish.


Yet, both Japan and Norway, and all countries, have to take better care of the oceans and the sea-life. You see, today the oceans are in real danger of being over-fished and spoilt by rubbish.


In Japan you may see cool, streamlined trains hurrying alongside very old, quaint villages – and huge rice fields. They eat lots of rice in this country.

The small-town people seem to be always smiling, wishing everyone a lovely day! At least that’s the way it looks to me.

Jesper and Bella and Luka, I do hope you smile, a lot! If you do, the world returns your smiles. I promise!

Ja. smile




The United States is a republic which means (as you know by now) that the country has no kings or queens or rulers. They have a government which is chosen by the people.

Let me tell you a few things about the United States of America; good to know.

The US is so big that it very wisely was turned into 50 states. As many as 300 million people are living in the States.

Only China and India have more inhabitants than the US.









 New York City became a symbol of freedom to many. It was here that everyone arrived when they first came to the US from Europe.

Right outside the harbor, on a little island called Liberty Island; a wonderful, giant statue called The Statue of Liberty was placed. The statue is very tall, 151 feet (46 meter)! Statue of Liberty







The goddess is standing on slave chains which are broken and conquered (won), which symbolizes (is a picture of) freedom!


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