I have just seen a totally revolting, upsetting film on TV. Why did it upset me so? Maybe because I realized it could become a reality as it in a sense already is happening.
A story was told of how “creatures” were created as plagiaries of people, living as ordinary humans with their talents and personalities. The “creatures” were solely made to become donators of inner organs and normally died after two or three operations when becoming old enough.

The donators were growing up while knowing of their only purpose in life. So, desperate to avoid their fate one couple, very much in love, focused on developing their artistic gifts solely to try proving that they had souls and had a right to live.

But no, it was made very clear that people never would give up “the donator program”. The organs were far too useful for them. A cruel, cold world.

But this is not a distant impossible happening. What bring horror and shocks in the film is happening for millions of animals every day. Warm-blooded animals with souls are bred because of peoples’ palates and also as possible organ donators.
A cold world.


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