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Paper book and e-book are available on:

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Publishers are sought for the English version:  JESUS CHRIST SPEAKS WITH MARIA MAGDALENA by Tove Stoeckel/Dove River. 

Tove Stoeckel

Jansbergveien 2, 0861 Oslo, Norway

The book is an open expression of a personal love overcoming what is separating Heaven and Earth. Dove River is the common noun for Tove Stoeckel and her Higher Self and half, Jesus. Tove is a reincarnation of Maria Magdalena.

When Jesus appears with Maria Magdalena, revealing the spirit’s feminine and masculine soul as one, he does it as an example of love’s power to erase the illusion of death.

In the future many will perceive the presence of their dual-soul, regardless the many creeds. What I do you shall do also, said Jesus.


Excerpts :


BELOVED:    Just as before, Jesus seeks to impart inner growth by being an example, but in the time of Balance, he surprises many by not appearing alone. The unification of him and his half, Maria Magdalena is, or will be, clear for everyone to see.

EARTH:          In a physical body?

BELOVED:    In a sense but only in a sense. She is of the Mother Earth and is in a physical body, and he is of the higher spiritual sphere. Yet he is her – as she is him.

                            No one, or nothing, can separate the two. On the etheric plane they are known as an androgynous being, deeply in love, while on the Earth the couple is recognized as one and is a living proof of life eternal. The seemingly undefeated rival of life, Death, is proven an illusion.

They are manifesting the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth made clear for everyone to see.


BELOVED:    Beware, of prophecies painting nights with no stars to brighten the sky with compassion and hope. In you is the strength to change and reform. Use it with great respect, and do not listen to what might weaken it.

All is well, my Beloved

            All is well

            In love

           Where stars are shaped

           Exploding Grace’s delight



EARTH:         It is hard to believe it is all happening. 

BELOVED:   It may happen to everyone, in its own proper time.

EARTH:         You + me = true? 


EARTH:         Always?

BELOVED:    Always. All names carry special vibrations, and it is helpful to use a name indicative of one’s purpose and aspiration. Our name is Dove River.

If you say:

            “Everything must end”

            You will be telling a lie

            If you insist:

           “Love will have to fade”

             this is what you manifest.

            But if you promise:

            “Love, I am yours

            Forever, I receive you”

            You shall know



BELOVED:    If ever a disagreeable shadow from the unseen world crosses your path, remember that everything created on the next dimension reacts by thoughts. You say no! You create light; you can null and void any unpleasant vibration coming your way. What you want, understand and lovingly create for the highest good, determines your life and happiness. Self-respect and upright carriage show the way.

EARTH:         Does light in a sense attract darkness?

BELOVED:    Without light, darkness cannot see – and light cannot exist without offering assistance to those who are in need of it. The narrow path of transformation lies between the two.

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