A preparation.
As often as possible we take time to imagine a circle of lit candles in which we seat ourselves in the centre while listening to harmonious music, be it poetic jazz, chanting, bells, classical music – or beautiful silence.

Buddha and Jesus

When we see the one we also see the other. Jesus is the loving, simple brother, the healing, wise and tolerant spirit. Jesus, fighting for the defenceless, who loves God.

Buddha didn’t speak about God yet he never denied God’s existence, instead he focused on each individual’s need to improve him/her; the power of thought – and, not the least, respect for all life.

Also Jesus said: Every hair on your head is accounted for and – Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. And caged doves were set free.

Jesus and Buddha, a pure source of God. Two entrusted examples.

What I do you shall do also, said Jesus.

We need them all, all the decent, good souls.


The Christ Child


To Believe.

Faith may move mountains – and heal the sickest of the ailing; while “to doubt ” is more of a troublesome affair.

A true sceptic, a brooder, may constantly ponder and often come to satisfying answers but only rarely do mountains move.

So what is “faith”, really?

Personally I trust faith to be nothing but Grace; Grace to know confidence in God Immanent, all life, and to know love and intention.

Christ Mass… I trust in Jesus Christ as a living, light-giving power with invincible genius to generate hope and growth for situations and individuals where tenderness and care otherwise seem none existing; where suffering and despair are ruling.

Jesus we need you now. Help us to find the Jesus-child in our hearts…

We pray…

Amen… Om…