Tove Stoeckel/Dove River


Life never stops being unpredictable

Be surprised, shocked, delighted

But stay grounded, breathing…




Choose your mountain, regardless in what world you find it.

 Approach it with respect, feel its strength… but be the water trickling downhill or the mountain-flower defying the melting snow, drinking in the sun… or be the leave dancing over the cliff…

No matter, for you are in the presence of God Immanent…

You are blessed


We CAN do something!

Everything is intention, all is energy. Together we are unbeatable!

See in your mind’s eye a world who believes in sister/brotherhood for all life …

A wave of care for the smallest, the most vulnerable…

Love, the Holy Power…



Tove Stoeckel/Dove River



I believed no one saw

but You saw

How did anyone know?

You knew

Only – honesty of Intention






If the sky opened

To bury me in gold

If I were blessed with

Smiles and adoration

If all physical sensations

Were offered as compensation

For losing you, my only love

I should laugh out loud

If your ever and always presence

Could be broken

Neither would I exist

I know


If you really knew… the strength and beauty of Jesus Give him the energy love and he transforms the world – with you

Today we concentrate especially on people and animals, on land and in the waters, locked up, aching for lost freedom. Some are kept in wretched conditions, some in more sterile environments, but all have had their wings clipped. We send them the infinity of the mountain horizon, and visualize a changed Earth where all its residents are beating the drums of sister/brotherhood – the Christ/Magdalena/Buddha consciousness where no one is below or above another.

No silence is greater than the mountain presence. Here words are almost a burden; not even thoughts are able to shatter the tranquility. The name of the presence is – Reverence. Your responsibility is uniquely yours. I AM GOD IMMANENT

Breathe in the soft colours of the rainbow, sprinkling down at you… Then breathe them out and bless the Earth… I AM TIME FOR CHANGE The white dove is spreading its wings of Hope – Om… Amen…

Feb.16.15 The energy of love cannot be commanded. It has to be inspired to – and believed in… Again – and again… It is helpful to be stubborn; to really want it. Than it expands and becomes a natural part of all life, the very Earth itself… Om… Amen…

The body is put together by endless sensations and messages. The more you tell your body that it is doing well, the more it will believe you – and behave accordingly. See your chakras healthy and lit up. Amen! January, 10.2015 There is a whirlwind, out there But don’t let it catch you Take your time; demand the stillness which is yours Breathe in … and make room for your spirit glowing And share… I AM CHRIST/MAGDALENA/BUDDHA CONSCIOUSNESS

Without Jesus the world would fall into an abyss, no end. He IS the Light, so allow the Light to shine, in you, in all life. If not a child… If allowing the Light to be turned on, see it arising from beneath making everything warm and right reaching every little awkward spot inwards and outwards… The feet are planted securely on the floor, relaxed and healed… I AM   When you Recognize happiness. Do not hurry onwards… It is your Higher Self calling… I AM   Sense the softness of the evening air – and breathe it calmly in… Everything seems to be breathing with us; covered in the presence of God Immanent… Send it out to a troubled world… I AM

Jesus is special. He is love. We cannot even begin to understand the depths of support he has been providing for the Earth – and what kind of sacrifices it may have caused him. I am love for all life Amen… Om…

I saw you But you looked away To a star hidden in a cloud You’ll see me on the next curving road I saw you A friend    A day filled with smiles cannot possibly fail! Breathe it out – and the smile becomes a spark of joy and lands where you  the least expected it! Amen… Om…

  There is a fresh beginning of decency … allow it to enter… Embrace your moments of trust… and breathe softly on the new – you… Tomorrow – is a heightened perception because you shaped it today… I am Christ/Magdalena/Buddha consciousness Amen… Om…   Gandhi sa: It doesn’t matter which book is read as long as God is worshipped. Amen… Om…

When Joy enters, say: Yes! Receive it Accept it with humility and let there be Light! Amen!   See! An exquisite rainbow is appearing – and how beautiful it is! A bird softly lands on your shoulder. In its beak is carried a letter, especially for you… I AM

PEACE Peace, a blessed occurrence and energy. But from where does peace origin? And from what part of us is it that we can see it, being it, forwarding it? Peace must surely be of the divine; hidden, but never the less resting within the centre of creation, love. Meditation: Some days the inner stillness is so intense that we can almost touch it as a substance. We can leap into it, slowly swim in it; see it as a sweet scented white rose colouring the world. And in respectful wonder do we ask Peace to stay for a while. It is the Supreme Being knocking at the door, asking for recognition. Next time around – trust Peace! Enter the complex world of associates, family and friends knowing that you are well meaning love – and see how otherwise defensive, anxious faces give way to relaxed friendliness. Do not hesitate to participate in life’s sometimes confused state of affairs, but lean on Peace – and protection will be your companion.  I PRAY PEACE – STAY…    

A brief MEDITATION to inspire courage and hope. Use it as a checklist you can look at during the day to trust the quiet moments indicating the day’s possibilities. When meditating sit comfortably but with a spine as straight as possible. Be certain to be earthed with feet well planted on the floor, sitting grounded in your chair – or in a yoga position. Do not allow your chin protruding so that unbroken light easily can flow freely from the top of the head and through the spine. You know when the breath is well positioned. An inaudible sigh lets go of tension, and the shoulders are lowered. Always act as if what is happening may in some way do you good. But know where you are going. All you need is to think how you want to be, and you will be it. You create. You are self- motivated, self-generated through Grace and your Highest Self, God in you. In The Daily Meditation we make an effort to send onwards what we receive to all life.   


  1. Beth Hernandez says:

    I love your writings on your page and website. God bless you and keep you in every way.

  2. doveriver says:

    Beth, lovely Beth,I hardly ever read responses here on the website. Thank you!!!!!!

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