Some think of Jesus as a god, while others believe him to be an avatar or a great master. Then again many regard him as an extremely courageous and interesting man imparting lifesaving ethical advice to the many. Man – and God, The Saviour.

He is a World Teacher; few contradict the legitimacy of that. And his sword is love raised above frontiers, cultures and religions where dogmas and personalities still try to cover for God’s only born son/daughter, the Light.

The Light has many names. But the Light is never the name of one personality only. It is a consciousness. Jesus Christ is an example and manifestation of that Light, and is the Higher Self of the Earth, the Beloved. His responsibility was and is to show the greatness of simplicity and the healing powers of love. Let us not alienate Jesus as exclusive when we need to understand the depths and importance of his message: that it is only as a child we may find heaven within.

But Jesus also knew where to draw the line. In the new wine there is no room for dishonesty, pride and greed. In the new wine he is no longer only he, for he is also she.

Mystical Christianity, or Buddhism, or what one chooses to call the Light, has always existed. The Great Creator, a living, creative intelligence that includes all in endless possibilities, is evolution. But the clock of the Earth and the timelessness of eternity is a mystery that we all have to contemplate. The Light can advise; show the way, but cannot choose for anyone.


When I am filled with dreaded forebodings, drowning in the passing cloud

Christmas; Christ, the Son/Daughter is waiting.

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